Christopher D. Ferrara, P.C.

52 Nostrand Road Hillsborough NJ 08844 
Phone: 908-429-1269
Fax: 908-429-0467

Firm Profile

Christopher D. Ferrara, Esq., takes pride in maintaining close personal relationships with all their clients and in providing a more customized and personal approach to legal representation than that provided by larger firms. While the firm specializes in representing corporate and commercial clients in all litigation and non-litigation matters in industries such as Waste Paper, Recycling, Floor Cleaning, and related commercial industries, it is also dedicated to providing representation to individuals and small business in most legal areas of practice from Adoptions to Shareholder Agreements.

This type of approach is especially valuable for individuals that need general practice services such as residential Real Estate transactions, Wills, Expungements, Name Changes or Municipal Court Defense. It is equally valuable and essential for small and moderate sized business clients that need and want an attorney that is knowledgeable and familiar with the specific, daily operations and issues related to their business. Small and moderate sized business owners want an attorney they can call directly and consult with on a daily business concerning their business issues with the assurance that they will not have to deal with and incur the additional and unnecessary cost of dealing with other partners, associates, paralegals and the like just to get a question answered. This personalized approach is also preferred by individuals and business owners that have a single legal issue such as a Construction Lien filing, and are afraid of the costs they will incur in dealing with a large firm for a single, simple issue.

It is because of this personalized and customized service approach that many of Mr. Ferrara's clients are not only long term clients, but also personal friends.  

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